At Final Over, we're passionate about providing the ultimate Cricket entertainment for Indian customers.

Our team consists of die-hard cricket fans who live and breathe the sport. We understand the excitement that comes with fantasy cricket, and we're committed to providing a platform where fans can showcase their knowledge and skill. 

Join us at Final Over, where we're bringing the world of fantasy cricket to life with unparalleled user experience and innovative features.

  • Inplay League: Create your team even after the toss during a live match.
  • Gang League: Create a private league to play with your cricket gang and get 10% cashback on the entry fee. 
  • Predictor: Predict correct score, total wickets, powerplay score, match winner, etc., in this free quiz game to win redeemable points.
  • Virtual Cricket: Participate in free 3D virtual cricket events with high-end full HD graphics and win points that can be redeemed later.
  • Casual Cricket Games: Free-to-play cricket games that are fun and highly engaging.
  • Super Star 11: Match your 11 with the actual Super Star 11 players across 3 matches.